Stephen Roberts

Charles Fisk was installing the Swell (Echo) division of the organ in Center Church, New Haven. This was about 1975 or so. I was a student at Yale at the time, and went by the church to see Fisk work. He was very patient and kind as always. I noticed that the Dulciana 8′ in the Positive division had Haskell basses. I was a very impertinent lad, and I said to Fisk, “Haskell basses in a mechanical action organ built along Classical lines? That’s an Estey patent, as you know.” Fisk was unfazed. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “A good idea is a good idea, no matter who had it!” I was very impressed by that very practical, sensible reaction, and I have never forgotten it nearly 30 years later. I’ve told that story on piporg-l before, but as you see, Charles’ words made quite an impression on me. I’d like to think that I use the same kind of common sense in my own work.