Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson was longtime Professor of Music at Southern Methodist University, chaired the organ committee for #100, Meyerson Symphony Center and #101, Caruth Auditorium, Southern Methodist University, both in Dallas and was organ consultant for #112, St. James’s Episcopal Church in Richmond.

I am most grateful for the opportunity to express the ways in which Charlie Fisk influenced my career as a player and designer. Charlie’s plan for the gallery of Perkins Chapel at Southern Methodist University in Dallas was strongly influenced by Old West (Opus 55). The eventual SMU instrument we now know as the Opus 101 is in Caruth Auditorium.

The plans for Opus 100, the Meyerson Symphony Center organ in Dallas show Charlie’s brilliant ideas brought to fruition. A comparison of these plans with those of European builders shows clearly Charlie’s genius. Who else could come up with such a plan?

I made many trips to Europe in the 60’s and had many things to discuss with Charlie. Two years in Germany on a Fulbright Grant gave us further opportunities for give and take.

Charlie’s incredible influence on the academic world also has its place in American organ building. I am certain that the master would be pleased with all aspects of the work of the firm today and the brilliant engineers. I am so excited about the Lausanne Cathedral organ.

I can’t be with you for the celebration but my thoughts are with you all.