George Kent

Organist and Choirmaster, Chirst Church, Westerly, Rhode Island

It became increasingly clear as the organ project unfolded at Christ Church that we had made a monumental decision in choosing Charles Fisk as our builder. As the work progressed, and particularly during the four months that Charlie spent here in Westerly, I realized that he was indeed a very special artist and above all a very musical one, steeped not only in the organ and its literature, but also in all of music. I don’t believe that any area was missed in late night discussions and certainly not the role the new instrument was to have in the musical life of the parish. What evolved was a very special instrument that fulfills not only the needs of congregation and choir, but also serves as an excellent resource for our younger students. It has also proved to be an excellent concert instrument. I must say that in all my concertizing elsewhere I have never found anything as sensitive as our own instrument. There is no question in my mind that it was a very big decision to build both the rear gallery and the C. B. Fisk organ.