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Opus 59A

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Falmouth, MA

Created: 1970

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Originally built on speculation to be identical to Opus 59, the organ was purchased before completion by Frank Taylor for his home. Taylor, a student of Melville Smith, and enamored of French classical instruments, requested a number of modifications and additions: a Cromorne on the second manual, a 16′ Basson in the Pedal (unified at 16′, 8′, and 4′), and a Tremulant. The stop action is electrical, and includes a combination action. Although the stops are essentially the same as those in its sister “Wellesley” organs, the drawknob nomenclature is in French.

The organ was moved to nearby St. Barnabas following Taylor’s death in 1985.

Opus 59A

Positif Man I
Flûte à cheminee 8′
Prestant 4′
Cornet I-II
Fourniture III

Récit Man II
Bourdon 8′
Quarte de Nasard 2′
Cromorne 8′

Bourdon 16′
Flûte 8′ from Bourdon
Cor de Nuit 4′ from Bourdon
Basson 16′
Dulciane 8′ from Basson
Musette 4′ from Basson


3 unison couplers



Manual keyboards CC-g3, 56 notes, concave radiating pedalboard CC-f1, 30 notes