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Opus 54

Center Church on the Green

New Haven, CT

Ranks: 50
Independent Voices: 32
Pipes: 2,582
Created: 1971, Echo 1974

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The 1814 Federal-style church building was not designed to house a freestanding organ in its very shallow gallery. Previous instruments had been deeply recessed into the steeple chamber. For Charles Fisk, it was imperative that the sound-producing portions of the organ be located within the four walls of the room. In the resulting design the Great, Echo, and Pedal are located in a broad but shallow case against a brick wall in the gallery, with the Choir division on the gallery rail.

Opus 54, dedicated in 1971, contains the first embossed front pipes in a Fisk organ, featuring three-dimensional geometric designs in the metal. The wooden pipes in the large outer towers of the main and choir cases were also a first here, a design feature that would appear in numerous Fisk organs through the decades. The completion of the Echo division was deferred until 1974.

Opus 54

GREAT Manual II, 61 Notes
Bourdon 16′ *
Prestant I-II 8′
Stopped Flute 8′ *
Octave 4′
Twelfth 2 2/3′
Fifteenth 2′
Blockflute 2′
Septierce II-III 17, 19 & 21 from Co
Mixture IV-VI
Trumpet 8′ *
Clarion 4′ *

CHOIR Manual I, 61 Notes
Chimney Flute 8′
Dulciana 8′ * (from AA#)
Prestant 4′
Spindle Flute 4′
Doublet 2′
Sesquialtera II
Sharp IV
Cremona 8′ *

PEDAL 32 Notes
Subbass 16′ *
Octave 8′
Rohrpipe 8′
Superoctaves 4’+2′ *
Mixture IV
Bassoon 16′ *
Trumpet 8′ *

ECHO Manual III, 61 Notes
Spire Flute 8′
Flûte Céleste 8′ (Co)
Chimney Flute 4′
Principal 2′
Sesquialtera II-III
Cymbal II
Hautboy 8′

* portions of these stops include re-conditioned pipework


Choir to Great
Echo to Great
Echo to Choir

Great to Pedal
Choir to Pedal
Echo to Pedal



Electric stop action
Setter combination action