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Opus 49

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Belmont, MA

Created: 1968

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A small two-manual and pedal instrument of eleven stops and twelve ranks in a painted case at the front of the church, Opus 49 was completed shortly after our monumental organ for the Memorial Church at Harvard University. It was dedicated by the university’s organist, John Ferris, on February 11, 1968.

The instrument is the first Fisk organ of its size to have a Prestant 8′ in the façade. Charles Fisk advocated for the stop saying “… we feel that, both for visual and musical reasons, an eight foot Prestant is so desirable here… the pipes of pure burnished tin, which is the prince of organ metals… would give a rather jewel-like quality to the appearance of the organ case.” The organ’s appearance blends handsomely with the colonial revival architecture of the church, and the warmth of the Prestant 8′ supports the historic and central tradition of hymn singing in Christian Science services.

Opus 49

GREAT (CC-g3, 56 notes)
Prestant 8′
Stopped Diapason 8′
Spire Flute 4′
Mixture III

SWELL (CC-g4, 56 notes)
Dulciana 8′
Chimney Flute 4′
Principal 2′
Sesquialtera II

PEDAL (CC-g1, 32 notes)
Bourdon 16′
Gedeckt 8′ (from 16′)
Flute 4′ (from 16′)


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