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Opus 167

St Vartan Armenian Cathedral

New York City, NY

Created: in progress

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Acoustic experiments and initial tonal concept planning are underway for a new pipe organ at the majestic Armenian Cathedral in New York City.

St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral is named in honor of the 5th-century martyr who fought to preserve Armenian Christianity. The cathedral has served as the seat of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in America since its consecration in 1968 and continues its mission as a vibrant spiritual and cultural center. Looking to the future, a comprehensive renovation of the cathedral and plaza is underway. Installation of the new organ in the fall of 2027 will mark the completion of the last phase. The organ will be voiced and completed to coincide with the re-consecration of the cathedral in 2028.

We are proud and excited to have been selected to create an instrument worthy of this extraordinary community and with whom we look forward to a fruitful collaboration.

photography: Albin Lohr Jones

Opus 167