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Opus 165

The Moores School of Music - University of Houston

Houston, Texas

Stops: 10
Ranks: 5
Independent Voices: 5
Pipes: 276
Created: In Progress

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A contract has been signed with The University of Houston for a new practice/studio organ and will be Fisk’s Opus 165. The instrument is located in a newly renovated practice room in the  Moore’s School of Music and will complement the existing instruments.

Opus 165 will have three manuals (61 notes) and Pedal (32 notes) along with dummy thumb and toe piston rails and a dummy second expression shoe in order for the student to practice the “choreography” of performance.

Similar practice organs by Fisk are Opus 118 at Rice University, Opus 142 at Indiana University, and Opus 159 for Hong Kong Baptist University.

Opus 165

Manual I

Manual III is permanently coupled to Manual I

Manual II and III

*Principal 8’
*Flûte harmonique 8’
Bourdon 8’
*Octave 4’

*Stops available either/or


Subbass 16’
Flûte 8’  (from Flûte harmonique)


Manual II to Manual I
Manual II to Pedal
Manual III to Pedal

Balanced Swell Pedal controlling all Manual pipework
Dummy second Expression Pedal
Key Action: Direct Mechanical (tracker)
Stop Action: Mechanical
Keydesk: Attached to case
Three manuals: 61 Notes CC – c4, bone naturals, ebony sharps
Pedalboard: 32 Notes CC – g1
Non-functioning thumb piston rails and toe stud rails with General, Divisional, Sequencer, and Coupler reversible pistons in customary layout