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Opus 162

Private Residence

Dallas, Texas

Stops: 7
Ranks: 6
Independent Voices: 6
Pipes: 297
Created: 2022

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Opus 162 is a continuo organ in a private residence in Dallas, Texas. It is designed to sit within a chamber orchestra and accompany ensembles large or small. With several half-compass stops, it enables the organist to perform a wide variety of solo literature as well. 

The decorations have a matching inner layer that can be slid sideways to close the openings in the pipe shades to reduce the brightness and help fit the instrument to a smaller space or ensemble.

The keyboard has boxwood-covered naturals and rosewood sharps. The casework is quarter-sawn white oak, with walnut in the console. The façade pipes are made from curly soft maple. The keyboard transposes between A=440 and A=415.

This instrument is tuned in quarter-comma meantone at A=415.

Opus 162

8′ Gedeckt (wood)
8′ Open Diapason (wood)
4′ Principal (wood & metal)
4′ Flute (wood & metal)
2′ Octave (wood & metal)

Optional stops included:
2 2/3′ Quint Treble (metal)
1 1/3′ Quint Bass (metal)

in façade, from middle C
bass from 4’ Flute
stopped bass, open treble

open, from middle C
open, up to tenor B

54 note compass CC-f3 (55 pipes per full rank to be full compass at A=415 and A=440)
Boxwood naturals, rosewood sharps
Drawknob console
Double layer decorations: inner layer can slide to close openings for gentler sound
Handles at convenient lifting height
Lower case on casters (contains blower and wind system)