Opus 127Most projects begin with a request for information from an organist or music director, church organ committee, a prospective donor, an architect or designer at a concert hall, or a college or university organist. You may wish to know what we have done in the past that may be similar to the situation in which you find yourself. We have attempted to provide a partial answer to that question in our Instruments section, where we have divided our list of completed work by opus number, by location, by venue, and by size. As designers and builders of custom instruments we hope you will see the breadth of our experience, and that we treat each project individually. Even if you do not see a completed organ similar to your vision, we can help.

Some clients do not feel they have sufficient knowledge of the organ to make the choices necessary in acquiring a new instrument and decide to hire a consultant. Consultants can often help people assess their needs and wishes and then discover organbuilders who can realize their goals. We are ready to work with you directly, or through your consultant. The American Guild of Organists offers several books that clarify the issues that may arise in purchasing a pipe organ. You can find them on the AGO web site.

How soon can an organ be delivered? We build instruments in the order in which the contracts are signed, unless customers experience delays in the readiness of their buildings. Our experience and our production data enable us to give you a realistic and accurate estimate of when an organ of a given size may be delivered, how long installation will take, and how long voicing will require. In an industry plagued by late delivery we have been on time or ahead of schedule for the last fifteen years.

One of the most frequently asked questions concerns approximate costs. We price instruments in their entirety, not per stop, or set, of pipes. Not all sets of pipes are equal in price. At the early stages it is sometimes possible to give a rough estimate based on the size of the room and the uses to which an organ will be put, but for actual budgeting or fund raising purposes it is best to wait until we have been able to more fully assess your needs and make a full proposal.

If you are thinking about a new organ, we are always happy to talk. We do not have any high-pressure sales staff. When you call C. B. Fisk you will be talking to the very people who build the instruments themselves. It is our pleasure to help make your vision a reality. We hope you will give us the opportunity to do our best work for you.

Contrasts notwithstanding, each of these pipe organs has in common excellent design, exemplary craftsmanship, and artistic fidelity. They make you want to play them. They teach you about the music. They are superb.

Gerre Hancock
Organist and Master of Choristers
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
New York, New York