InstallationA crew of installation specialists arrives with the organ, typically four or five of the organbuilders who built the organ in the shop. We direct the unloading, then begin the process of re-assembling the organ and fitting it to the building, normally a month of work for a moderate instrument. We think of ourselves as artisans-in-residence and we see education as part of our work, scheduling question and answer sessions to give those interested in the work a chance to learn more about it.

Once the organ is fully assembled, voicers arrive to begin the work of adjusting each pipe to the acoustics of the building, a task that can only be done on site. It is precise and demanding work, carried on by teams of two people in three or four week rotations. Voicing a moderately sized organ can be the work of four or five months.

No organbuilding company spends as much time on installation and voicing as does C. B. Fisk. Twenty percent of all the hours in a project happen on your site. This care and artistic precision is a part of what differentiates our company from all others.

The installation of the instrument - involving careful and precise work - was impressive to observe. Fisk teams worked industriously for months to get the sound that they wanted to hear from the pipes in the new Bridges Hall organ. As College Organist, I made daily visits to the site - the Fisk personnel were very well prepared to explain the work they carried out in the voicing process not only to me but to people of widely different backgrounds who visited the Hall during these months.

Pomona College is as delighted as it is proud to have Fisk Op. 117 on its campus. It is a distinguished and versatile instrument, which perfectly matches its architectural setting.

William J. Peterson, College Organist
Harry S. and Madge Rice Thatcher Professor
Pomona College