When you are ready, we make a more formal proposal. Proposals include an organ specification, or stop list, a sample agreement, and a proposed design sketch, as well as other information about the company you may require. Each specification has a price associated with it, and a suggested schedule of payments, as well as a description of how the various stops will answer your specific needs.

Each of these proposal sections is our best suggestion for your specific needs, but is not by any means our final word on what should be done. In fact, the proposal, sometimes the first concrete step toward the realization of a dream, often stimulates deeper discussion, illuminates challenges not heretofore recognized, and clarifies what work is still to be done. Almost every specification is a balance of wishes and means. We expect and welcome further conversation. The sample agreement will be from a template we have used many times to codify the responsibilities of C. B. Fisk and the customer. The dates of delivery will be based upon our extensive experience in rational scheduling and in keeping our promises. Costs will likewise be clearly stated, and we will be ready to clarify those items included in the agreement and those that are not. When we come to complete consensus a contract can be signed.

Signing a Contract

In sum, from a business standpoint, Fisk delivered exactly what they promised, when they promised it, and for the agreed price, without a hitch. From a design and musical standpoint, they created an instrument of extraordinary beauty, flexibility, and power.

John D. Eure
Organ Committee Chair
Christ Church Episcopal
Roanoke, VA