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Opus 157

Christ Church

Andover, MA

Stops: 5
Pipes: 187
Created: 2020

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Christ Church in Andover, MA is the new home of our Opus 157 Continuo Organ. This is the second instrument from C. B. Fisk to make music at Christ Church. In 2012, Opus 137, a 2 Manual and Pedal instrument of 29 stops, was installed in the rear balcony. Barbara Bruns is Minister of Music at Christ Church and the addition of this new Continuo Organ enhances her already vibrant choral music program both in the liturgical as well as the concert setting.

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Opus 157


8′ Stopped Diapason wood
8′ Open Diapason (from middle C) wood, facade
4′ Principal (from low GG) wood & metal, bass from 4F
4′ Flute wood, stopped bass, open tapered treble, metal
2′ Octave wood & metal

Boxwood naturals, rosewood sharps
Drawknob console
54 note compass
Wheels in lower case
Flat, pierced double layer panels. Inner layer slides to close openings for gentler sound.