Opus 68 was installed in 1976 at the highly reverberant new concert hall of the Southwick Music Complex at the University of Vermont. Although it is not a copy of any one French instrument, it has a strong French classic influence while retaining the eclecticism required to play the full gamut of organ literature through the year 1825. Its top manual, one of three, has a full compass keyboard devoted solely to the mounted cornet, five ranks of 25 notes starting at middle C.

Opus 68 was the first Fisk instrument to have a full-length 16’ Principal on a manual division. In addition this organ has the first pipes made in the Fisk Shop, including the façade pipes. It was tuned in Kirnberger III after experiments with that temperament at Opus 62 in Ipswich, Massachusetts, proved successful.

The cases of this organ are arranged in a classical layout of towers and flats. Made of rift-sawn red oak, they include contemporary styled pipe shades and trim to harmonize with the architecture of the room. The Positive division is cantilevered forward of the main case, but above the keydesk, which is made of Honduras mahogany and situated en fenêtre. Natural keys are covered with grenadil; accidentals are rosewood covered with ivory.