Opus 65 at the Church of the Epiphany in Winchester, Massachusetts is one of three instruments based on a similar design, the others being Opus 57 at St. Paul's  Episcopal Church in Willimantic, Connecticut, and Opus 62 at Ascension Memorial Church in Ipswich, MA. The instrument is affectionately known as "Winchester New" (as in the hymn tune title) to distinguish it from the other Fisk organ in Winchester, Opus 50 at the First Congregational Church, known as "Winchester Old".

The organ has an enlarged Brustwerk/Swell (called Choir) and a detached console, similar to Opus 62 in Ipswich. Opus 65 was dedicated in April 1974 and the “prepared-for” stops in the Great and Pedal were added in 1983.

In 2012, the Open Bass 16' , a set of wooden pipes, was added to the Pedal Division to contrast the softer, more subdued Subbass 16'.