C. B. Fisk's Opus 152 in the First United Methodist Church of Pittsburg, Kansas, is a two-manual tracker instrument of 26 stops (22 independent voices) in an eclectic tonal style.

The music program at the church is directed by Dr. Susan Marchant.  The large congregation has earned a regional reputation for the high quality of its music program.  Dr. Marchant received her undergraduate degree from the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music and then went on to earn MM, MMA, and DMA degrees at Yale University.  In addition to her work at the church, she has been on the faculty of Pittsburg State University since 1979, teaching applied organ and harpsichord as well as music theory and literature.  She has served as Chair of the Department of Music since 2014.  At the University, Dr. Marchant commissioned and guided Fisk Opus 106 (III/49), installed in 1994 in McCray Hall.

Opus 152 is placed on the centerline of the church at the front of the sanctuary, allowing for it to speak unimpaired into the nave.  Choir seating is arranged around the beveled base of the organ in such a way as to offer all choristers a clear line of sight to the Organist.  The stoplist, with a limited Great division and a very large Swell, was devised with an emphasis on choral accompaniment and the specific musical roles an organ must play in the Methodist liturgy.