At the American Guild of Organists' National Convention held in Boston in 2014, a new Hong Kong chapter was granted a charter.  This young AGO Chapter has a number of organists who have studied in the United States and in Europe and are eager to elevate the role of the pipe organ in their society.  Most of the organs in Hong Kong churches currently are electronic instruments.

C. B. Fisk is honored to have built a practice organ located in the chapel of the Sheng Kung Hui Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong.  This instrument will be used to accompany chapel services and will be available to students and other organists in Hong Kong as a practice instrument.

The school was established in 1962 by the Anglican Church in Hong Kong, Sheng Kung Hui, and is named for philanthropist Sir Shiu-kin Tang.  "The school motto is HYPOMONE, a Greek word meaning 'perseverance, forgiveness and tolerance'. The school aims to give young people a balanced education, based on Christian love, and promotes equally moral, intellectual, social, aesthetic and physical development. We hope that our students will learn to think independently, care for our community, and face their responsibilities in life sensibly and confidently."

This school would seem to be an ideal location to introduce a new generation to the pipe organ and its music.