Continuo Organ

8′ Stopped Diapason wood
8′ Open Diapason (from middle C) wood, facade
4′ Principal (from low GG) wood & metal, bass from 4F
4′ Flute wood, stopped bass, open tapered treble, metal
2′ Octave wood & metal

Boxwood naturals, rosewood sharps
Drawknob console
54 note compass
Wheels in lower case

Optional stops:
2 2/3′ Quint Treble 30 pipes metal, open, from middle C
1 1/3′ Quint Bass 25 pipes metal, open, up to tenor B

Optional decoration:
Flat, pierced double layer panels. Inner layer slides to close openings for gentler sound.
Carvings and other unique decoration in the manner pictured, per agreement.

Developed in collaboration with
John Schreiner, Fisk Director of Special Projects.