Steven A. DieckSteven A. Dieck, Chairman of the Board and past President, has been a key figure with C. B. Fisk, Inc. for over thirty years. While CEO, he represented the high standards of the company to clients all over the world, consulting with organists, churches, concert halls, architects, and acousticians to develop and refine their visions for the "King of Instruments." His ability to create and facilitate dialogue between all the parties led, time and again, to organs that far exceeded expectations, inspiring both players and listeners for years to come.

In 1973, having completed his Bachelor of Music degree in organ performance at DePauw University, Steve arrived in Gloucester to begin his apprenticeship. During the ten years he worked directly with Charles Fisk, he played an important role in the design and construction of many instruments. He was appointed Executive Vice President of the company after Charles Fisk's death in 1983, and he assumed the role of President in 1993 following the successful completion of Opus 100 for the Dallas Symphony, then the company's magnum opus. Committed to his mentor's collaborative approach, Steve was honored to lead the diverse, dedicated group of co-workers who make up C. B. Fisk, Inc.

Panels and podiums across the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia, have called upon the knowledge, skill, and experience Steve generously and enthusiastically shares with colleagues and others. He is a past President of the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America, past Vice-President of the International Society of Organbuilders, and was a Board Member of the American Institute of Organbuilders. 

Steve was delighted to turn the reins of the company over to the capable hands of Michael Kraft on September 1, 2016 knowing that the company would continue to build on its past.  Within the next year, Steve is preparing to move to Yokohama, Japan to spend more time with his wife, organist Hatsumi Miura, who is resident organist on Fisk's Opus 110 at the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall.  He has two grown sons, both talented musicians, who are pursuing other career interests.