David C. PikeDavid C. Pike, Executive Vice President and Tonal Director of C. B. Fisk, joined the company in 1976. An excellent cabinet maker, he practiced the full range of organbuilding during his early years with the company. David's musical background eventually led him to become an assistant voicer to Charles Fisk, and they first worked together on Opus 78 at House of Hope Presbyterian Church in St. Paul, the largest organ built during Charles's lifetime. Working with his mentor, David acquired the commitment to voicing that has been the hallmark of Fisk instruments for nearly half a century.

In the ensuing years, David enjoyed a substantial role in tonal design, developing stoplists with organists, working with our own pipemakers, and often consulting with acousticians to improve the resonance of a church or hall. Among the many instruments he voiced are Opus 84 at Mt. Holyoke College, Opus 95 at SUNY Buffalo, Opus 98 at First Presbyterian Church, Evansville, Indiana, and Opus 100 at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas. He was named Tonal Director and Head of the Voicing Department in 1994. David has overseen the tonal design, workshop voicing, and finish voicing of all Fisk instruments since that time, most notably the year-long voicing of C.B. Fisk's magnum opus in Switzerland at the Lausanne Cathedral.

Educated at the Eastman School of Music, David studied music theory and organ performance, earning a Bachelor of Music degree with highest distinction. Along with other members of the Fisk team, he has participated in a number of on-site research studies of classical and romantic organs in north and central Germany (including the former East Germany), France, Spain, and Italy.

In addition to his work at C. B. Fisk, David is Organist and Director of Music at St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Rockport, Massachusetts.