David M. Waddell, from a family of long - time Rockport boat builders, was Charlie's first employee in 1961. After serving as Shop Foreman, he and his wife Janice (herself Fisk office manager) retired in 1985 to Florida. He returned each summer to work at the shop until his death in 2007.

I never felt like an employee while working for Charlie. It was more like a working collaboration determining the best procedures for building mechanical action instruments which would become one with the performer and produce music from full rich sound sources most organs of the day did not possess.

When listening to offerings of the organs of today it sounds as if he succeeded very well, not only by his own efforts but also through his influence on others.

I think of my friend often.

Charles Fisk and Dave Waddell

Charlie & Dave Waddell looking at the new shop in early 1974

Photo: Robert Cornell